COVID-19 Guidelines and FAQ

Without a doubt, the year 2021 brought new challenges for all those active in the Austrian cultural field and the Corona virus has upturned all tried and true processes within the festival organization. It goes without saying that the rules and regulations concerning the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic stand above all festival activities in order to ensure the health and well-being of both our audience and our team.

Planning for the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival 2021 meant considering all possible eventualities, and thus also included adjusting the structure of the festival and the scope of the planned events. In addition to this, we also developed a coherent Covid-19 prevention concept.

This means that this year’s festival shaped by Covid-19 will look different than what we are used to from previous editions. The main focus of our Covid-19 prevention concept is the principle of equalization – this entails

  • the compliance to social distancing (both in a physical and temporal sense in that the time spans between screenings will be increased and the establishment of an open air ticket container to prevent the formation of crowds at the ticket counter, as well as the seating capacity being limited to fifty percent in a chessboard pattern and a two meter distance must be adhered to at all times)
  • increasing the use of the expanded options of online ticketing, that now offer a specific selection of seating, in contrast to the previous years, as well as a personalized tickets (should there be a need for contact tracing)
  • entry into the venues will take place in two steps (checking of the mandatory security measures as a first step, followed by checking of the tickets), as well as there being no entry into the cinema after the beginning of the screening.

Besides the mandatory wearing of an FFP2 mask in all areas of the venues, the audiences must have a valid attestation concerning their health in terms of Covid-19, the aforementioned mandatory security measures (vaccinated, tested, convalesced):

  • VACCINATED: 22 days after the primary vaccination this is valid for 3 months. The secondary vaccination prolongs this by an additional 6 months (thus 9 months after the primary vaccination).
  • TESTED: PCR test (valid for 72 hours), antigen test by an approved facility (valid for 48 hours), self tests that are approved by official data processing (valid for 24 hours); Point-of-sales-tests cannot be offered by CROSSING EUROPE.
  • CONVALESCED: After an infection you are exempted from mandatory tests for 6 months. Accepted as proof for this are discharge papers or a written confirmation by a doctor concerning a molecular biological infection. Proof of neutralized antibodies is valid for 3 months starting from the date of testing. Several official Covid-19 test stations are located in the immediate vicinity of the festival center.

Special hygiene, safety and access rules will apply to film screenings and events within CROSSING EUROPE 2021, which will be communicated in advance and then on site at the venues. In addition, we are keeping an eye on current developments related to Covid-19 and take the responsibility for the health of our audience and team very seriously. If there are any changes in our program or the handling of our festival, we will inform about it in time on our website and through our social media channels. Stay Safe!

For general information on the planned opening steps from 19 May, please visit the page of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection.


COVID-19 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear a mask in the cinema?
The current Covid-19 rules and regulations concerning events state that an FFP2 mask must be worn at all times (throughout the entire building). You are not permitted to take the mask off when seated.
I have an attestation by a doctor that excludes me from mandatory mask wearing, can I attend the festival and screenings?
A doctor’s attestation is not valid at the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz 2021. You can only attend events with a mask.
What Covid-19 guidelines do I have to keep in mind when attending the festival?
  • Mandatory FFP2 masks during your attendance and any film screenings.
  • People cannot be admitted into the cinema after a screening has started. - In order to avoid delays we would ask you to be at the venue as soon as possible to account for the time intensive entry procedure.
  • You must carry an attestation concerning your health in reference to the Covid-19 virus with you at all times (convalesced/vaccinated/tested), for details concerning the Covid-19 guidelines please check HERE (Verlinkung Website Gesundheitsministerium)
  • You must keep a 2 meter distance.
  • You must abide by the hygiene rules and regulations.
  • You must abide by the house rules, and the festival and Covid-19 guidelines.
Where can I get tested?
There are free testing opportunities in the vicinity of the festival:
  • FasTest, PassageShopping Center, ground floor, next to OÖ-Kulturquartier, 9AM – 1:45 PM, 2:15 PM – 7 PM;  PCR tests exclusively until 5PM, Registration:
  • Test station: Promenaden Galerie, Promenade 23, 08:00 – 12:00 / 13.00 – 17:00
  • Test station: Magazingasse 8 (only with advance registration!), 8AM – 3:30PM
  • Test station: Altes Rathaus, Hauptplatz 1, Mon-Fri 10AM – 7 PM
Registration in advance is recommended. 
*Public test stations are free of charge for all persons. FasTest is free of charge only with Austrian social insurance.

A self-test, the so-called living room test, is also accepted:
Which test is valid and in what intervals must I get tested?
A PCR test is valid for 72 hours, the anti-gen test is valid for 48 hours, and the self-tests that are registered by an official data processing body are valid for 24 hours from the moment of testing. Point of Sale tests cannot be offered by CROSSING EUROPE.
I have been vaccinated, what do I have to prove?
With the vaccination pass the status of the vaccination can be proven. The primary vaccination is valid for a maximum of three months after 22 days.
I was infected with Covid-19 during that past 6 months and have anti bodies, what do I need to prove?
After a Covid-19 infection you are exempt from mandatory testing for 6 months. As proof for this you can show either release papers or a doctor’s attestation of a molecular biological infection. An attestation for neutralized anti bodies is valid for 3 months starting directly after having been tested.
What is the situation concerning the air quality and the ventilation in the venues?
The air quality is up to the governmental standards. Regular ventilation and a high air quality are ensured by automatic and standardized settings.
Why can I not eat in the cinema?
In order to warrant for the health and security of everyone, the festival made the decision that neither food nor drink may be consumed in the cinema.
Why is there no free choice of seating at the festival this year?
Because of the personalized seating arrangement necessary should the need for contact tracing arise there is no possibility for a free choice of seating this year.
Why can I not sit next to someone with whom I share a household?
The current Covid-19 rules and regulations for events prescribe a maximum of 50% of seating capacity, which can be ensured by seating arrangements in a chess board pattern. You may not change your assigned seating yourself.
Why do the cinemas need to be cleared by 10PM?
10PM is a general curfew for all services, events, and sports facilities.
When and where must I wear a mask when attending a festival event/film screening?
Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory in all areas of the venue including the cinema itself. The mask must cover both your mouth and nose.
How much distance to I have to keep to other audience members?
You must always keep a minimum distance of two meters to all persons with whom you do not share a household.
Can I change my seat or give my ticket to someone else?
During the screening there will not be a free choice in seating this year, i.e your seats will be assigned to you. Changing your seats in not allowed as to ensure comprehensive contact tracing should it be necessary. This is also why it is not possible to simply give your tickets away, but that any change in person attending a film must be registered at the box office/ Ticket Container.
How should I conduct myself before and after a film event?
We are trying to avoid the formation of large crowds at the areas of entry as well as when exiting the cinema – please make sure to be at the entry at least 15 minutes before the beginning of a screening in order to avoid the formation of a crowd shortly before the film. After the film is over please remain seated until a team member of CROSSING EUROPE gives the OK to leave.
Can I attend the festival if I have Covid-19 symptoms?
Attending a film screening is your personal responsibility. Screenings can only be attended by individuals who are entirely free from Covid-19 symptoms. Cinemagoers who exhibit symptoms will be denied entry and can be expelled from the venue even if they have a valid ticket.
Is the CROSSING EUROPE team regularly tested?
The entire CROSSING EUROPE team, as well as all the employees in the various venues are being tested regularly.
What happens if I arrive at the venue too late for the start of a screening?
Late arrivals cannot be let into the cinema once the screening has begun. The tickets lose their validity after the start of a screening.